If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution


Process optimization is one of the best ways and technically viable to be adopted by an organizations to achieve the best asset utilization and performance. Engineers work to improve the initial design of equipment and strive to enhance the operation of that equipment once it is installed as to achieve highest production and greatest profit at the minimum cost and least energy usage.

 Optimization can also lead to reduction on maintenance costs, less equipment wear, and better utilization. In addition, intangible benefits arise from the interactions among plant operators, engineers, and the management.

 It is extremely helpful to systematically identify the objective, constraints, and degrees of freedom in a process or a plant, leading to such benefits as improved quality of design, faster and more reliable troubleshooting, and decision making.

 Fima Technology is ready to lead the industry in enhancing their processing plant by minimising the waste and improve the efficiency to reduce the cost in order to stay competitive in challenging economic condition.