Economic Efficiency

Environmental Friendly

Low Operational Cost


Oxidation Ditches have been demonstrated as the best single stage biological treatment process for as far back as 40 years, used wherever and whenever for any exceedingly polluted wastewater. Oxidation Ditch is an exceptionally efficient aeration system utilizing low speed surface aerators. This system typically designed to withstand 0.4Hp per 1000 cu.ft. Thus, results in higher efficient aeration than conventional aeration system.

Oxidation Ditch systems are broadly utilized around the world because it is user friendly, easy to operate and require less operational expertise to deliver excellent results. Standard Oxidation Ditch systems utilize minimum number of equipment, and the moving parts of the equipment are installed on solid concrete slab. Hence, maintenance for the equipment is convenience and safe.

With accumulated experiences and great alliances, FIMA Technology Sdn. Bhd. are able to provide this oxidation ditch system according to our clients’ requirements. The solutions and services we provide will guarantee to produce excellent results.